Subconscious Activation – Understanding the Importance of Positive Self Talk

Overcoming Negative Thoughts

Your inner self or what you call your soul can be your best friend or your worst enemy. The best part is you can control it with the help of self-talk and/or auto-suggestion. We all constantly think about a lot of things in our mind and in this process, we are actually talking to ourselves. So this talk can be negative that can be depressing, demotivating and be underestimating to yourself or you can turn it into a positive talk and benefit from it. This is why you must know the importance of positive self-talk.

Just like positive thoughts, negative thoughts can strike your mind naturally due to circumstances around you. And when something like that happens, you must talk to yourself and ask yourself to challenge the situation. Instead of feeling bad or disappointed, you must get involved in self-talk to find a solution to the problem. And if there is no possible solution, then understand that you cannot do anything about it. So there is really no point in feeling bad or depressed about it. You must talk to yourself about letting it go and move on in life. Ask yourself why you can’t be happy because you can control your feelings that way you want. So if you want to feel happy, there is no one who can stop you from it.

Instead of negative thoughts like ‘I can’t’, start thinking that you can and talk to yourself about what you could do to make it happen. There are hundreds of situations that arise in life where you might feel negative and those are the times that you must challenge them by positive self-talk. This means you must learn to say to yourself it is possible and everything will be alright. This not only boosts your confidence but you can actually do what seems impossible. That is the power of positive self-talk or positive thinking.

Whenever there is something negative going in our mind, there is always a touch of positivity surrounding the situation in our mind. You must learn how to activate your subconscious mind and that is possible when you constantly talk about positive things to yourself. Muhammad Ali is the best example of this. He used to constantly say “I am the Greatest” to himself well before he became the world champion. Learn to treat all negativities as problems that can be easily approached and caught hold of a solution.